POWR is a championship-winning eSports team based in Saudi Arabia.

We worked closely with POWR to create a distinct brand identity that reflects the team's exuberant personality and competitive grip on eSports. To achieve this, we devised a strong brand strategy and explored all areas of where the brand may be applied.

From the hand-lettered word mark and symbol, to the vigorous colour palette, map-inspired pattern and bold type. Our brand strategy and identity for POWR bursts with energy and glowing confidence.

We explored every space where the brand lives. Social icons, YouTube banners, video thumbnails, merchandise and conceptual ideas for the team's headquarters and home studio, we left no stone unturned as we brought the brand to life.

Whether you're an existing fan, new to the team or a competitor, when you see POWR, you know for sure: it's truly game on.

My Role:



Brand Identity
Brand Strategy




Logo & Symbol
Colour Palette
Brand Graphics
Brand Guidelines
Signage & Merchandise

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