From my background to my working style, tools that I use and personal interests. Here's all the good stuff.

From where I started to my working style, tools that I use and personal interests.
Here's all the good stuff.

I'm a London-based designer fascinated by the fusion of design, tech, and human behaviour. I specialise in branding and visual design.

A wizard with Adobe CC, Figma and Framer, I have almost a decade of design experience covering branding, visual identities, infographics, key art and UX. Having come from an agency background, I've had significant involvement across all areas of the design process from initial briefs to client handover.

London, UK
7 Years Experience
Agency Background
Graphic Design
Visual Design
User Experience
iOS User

Where did it all begin?

My career began in graphic design, navigating diverse creative projects within many different sectors including hospitality, entertainment, fashion, NGOs and more. Having mostly worked in fast-paced agency environments, I've had many opportunities to collaborate with and learn from some of the most talented individuals. From designers and developers to illustrators, art and creative directors. I've solved creative problems for local independents to world famous brands including Netflix.

3 words to describe my working style

Collaborative, meticulous and empathetic

What tools do I use the most for design work and management?

Things I find interesting…

Islamic lectures, car reviews, tech, watch collecting, calligraphy and history - how are the pyramids still a mystery?!

Why do I like design and what motivates me as a designer?

I enjoy helping people and using my creative abilities to solve problems. There's just something rewarding about getting a pen and paper and letting your thoughts and ideas loose. On top of this, I love collaborating with people. You'll always learn something!

What does good design mean to me?

Design to me is about creating a memorable experience and delivering a message. If it's done well, you won't need to explain it.

What's the best way to get in touch?

Drop me an email at hello@dawoodpathan.co.uk