Agile Business

My Role:

Lead Designer

Other Team Members:

Art Director

Project Type:

Brand Identity


Word mark & Symbol
Colour Palette
Brand Graphics
Brand Guidelines
Marketing & Social Materials
Website Visual Design





The Challenge

Agile Business is an independent professional body with 25 years at the forefront of agility. The organisation reached out for a rebrand to primarily reinforce their position as pioneers within the field.

The Outcome

Agile Business's new branding celebrates the power of agility and collaboration through a powerful combination of contrasting typography, evolutionary graphics and diverse imagery.

We partnered on brand strategy, visual and verbal identity, delivering an extensive set of brand guidelines to keep the brand consistent across all touch points. From stationary and marketing materials to social media banners, advertisements, white papers and merchandise, we considered every space, online and offline, where the brand lives.

The end result is a brand identity that feels and speaks agility, helping Agile Business in achieving their mission of advancing business agility worldwide.

Every step matters

The visual language for Agile Business illustrates the transitional nature of agility. Through playful shapes, interweaving and morphing, we capture an evolution of ideas within a process. This unique and versatile graphical device is what we call an evolution form.

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